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Back to Blogging again. A 2021 insider update from the DeeHive.

back to blogging Deehive delights

Back to Blogging again. A 2021 insider update from the DeeHive.


Hey ya’ll, I know I’ve been gone for a minute since I wrote my last blog post. Sometimes I just get lost in the sauce of life, off my regular path, and now slowly reeling myself back into where I left off. I’m sure most of you can relate to that. I have many different interests and sometimes I give more attention to others but always get called back to what I looooove, having experiences, learning, and sharing. Learning to create more balance amongst my passions has been quite the task, so here I am typing to share what I’ve learned and experienced since I’ve been MIA.

Oh, and how can I almost forget to mention the new blog redesign. I’ve learned so much more about web design that I was able to recreate the entire thing and give it a more branded look. I mean, how Imma be a freelance web designer and have my blog looking jacked up…umph, no ma’am. Yall know I had to fix that. Period..T. Lol


I don’t really want to say much about the pandemic but I can tell you one thing. I had surely bought on a wind of change to our world. My beloved Grandmother passed, not from Covid though, and my lovely fluffy pet cat Mimi I had for 14 years. Hence why I’ve just been taking my time to myself as well.

2021 update of the Deehive

Before all this, I’ve always promoted self-care for your body just by eating right, staying active, being more in tune with nature, knowing thyself, and trusting your intuition.


Not saying I’m perfect but I try to keep it balanced and it’s worked to keep me healthy and disease ( Dis-Ease) free. I take the necessary precautions and wear my mask out in these streets but I choose to not live in fear about what I have no control over.

On another note, the DeeHive garden has been popping since last I wrote about the fruits of my labor. Yall know I share more of my garden stories on IG but I ain’t even gonna lie, there’s been some slacking going on there too. I just need a social media and blogging break sometimes to recoup my energy and just indulge in solitude and dive deeper into my personal and spiritual practices. Yes, you may notice the change in my writing as I go on from here. Speaking more from an open heart space and being more authentically me as I shine my light in this world ( a picture of the Hermit card just popped into my head…lol).

Ok, back to the blog stuff….. so I’m gonna start off again with some cool garden-ish I’ve been getting into. I’ve been able to take my alchemy skills to the next level by incorporating the medicinal plants into my Natural Skincare line, DeeHive Delights Artisan Soap & Self Care Goodies.

Self Care Spa Kits

Oh yea, I still need to fix that shop portion of the website, but until then, you can purchase via my Etsy shop or simply reaching out to me. I still use Shopify checkout, just not for my website so I can send you an invoice if you’d rather go the Shopify route.

Yes, I know, most blogs have a space for comments at the bottom, right! But I’m trying something different here, if you’d like to comment on this blog, just CLICK HERE. You will land in IG world and leave a comment under the post It’ll link you to. It’s much more of a fluid conversation and I’d respond much sooner, you also get to interact with everyone else in the gardening community. Of course, you can also reach me via my contact page

Until next time lovies!

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