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How to make Raw Almond Milk

how to make Raw Almond Milk Recipe

How to make Raw Almond Milk


How To Make Raw Almond Milk –

Store-bought almond milk isn’t RAW!

So here I am on day one of my #7dayrawchallenge about to make a smoothie when something told me to take a look at the ingredients and see what’s in it. Low and behold, it’s not RAW! You’re probably thinking, “Well Duuuh” but geez, I thought my almond milk was as natural as it can get; however, I forgot about preservative that needs to be added to keep it fresh on the shelf for who knows how long! Then there’s something called Carrageenan that’s added to it to thicken it up, but that’s a whole other issue.

Oh, I can make my own!

When I found out that I couldn’t make my smoothies that day, I made a little rant about it on my Instagram stories where two lovely ladies came to my rescue and suggested that I make my own almond milk. Shout out to @concious_coco and @areal.queen on Instagram for sharing their raw almond milk experiences and convincing me to make some as it’s not that hard to do.

My experience making it…

Wow, it was super easy to make! Prep time requires you to soak the almonds overnight so by no means is this an instant gratification, quick-prep recipe. As with any recipe made from scratch, your gonna have some clean-up to do. When you’re finished, you’ll be left with a handful of almond pulp that I thought was a shame to throw out. So guess what? I kept mine and I think I’m going to try and apply it to another raw vegan recipe I’m gonna try. Stay tuned to find out.

Without further ado…here is what you need to gather to get it done in no time

  • 1 Cup of Raw Almonds
  • 3 Cups of water …..( just not tap water, ok! I used water from my reverse osmosis filter system)

Soooo, how do I make it then?

Watch the video below for easy instructions.
Herewith no further ado here is the recipe that was shared with me
Ok, you’re probably thinking ” What is Karmic value” right? I’m sure you’ve heard these cliche’ phrases like, “What goes around comes around” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  In the simplest way put, if the result of an action impacts others positively, in turn; you’re more likely to live a positive life. In contrast; the result of an action that impacts others in an undesirable way might cause you to find yourself paying for it at some point!  This one is for big thinkers! If you deep dive enough into your mind, you can also place the Karmic Value on the food you consume.
“Food”, (yes I put that into quotation marks by purpose) derived from an animal can be considered high in Karmic Value. Let’s consider milk, we actually DON’T need it to provide anything for us! There’s no substantially significant amount of calcium found in dairy products that you can’t get more of elsewhere.
The nutrients dairy milk contains are mixed in amongst animal proteins, growth hormones, lactose sugar, antibiotics, and all kinds of other garb we don’t need. This very milk is actually considered to be acidic, AND causing our bodies to leech vitamin D from our muscles and bones! We need our foundation to be strong to live our life purpose and fulfill our dreams, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Without a doubt,  if dairy milk is robbing your bones of their necessities, then the effects on your brain and mood are similar, causing anxiety and depression.

A better alternative to dairy milk would be Raw Almond Milk. You can even make your own as I did a few weeks ago. I made a video for it too if you want to see how it’s done. It’s not that hard and can save yourself some Karmic chips too..LOL
On the contrary, if you’re stuffing your mouth full of grapes and strawberries, then “you’re in the money”
. In other words; food that you can eat raw is rich in live enzymes that your body needs to digest the food we eat. So you may be wondering,  “what’s that got to do with healing anxiety and depression?” right? When you cook your food, the heat causes the live enzymes to break down and go to waste. When you eat “living foods”, your stomach is able to digest the food much faster than cooked food with few live enzymes to assist with the digestion process.
When you allow your body to repair itself from the inside instead of looking for external relief, this, in turn, reduces depression by elevating your mood naturally.
Check out the DeeHive Delights Artisan Self-Care Goodies and treat yo self to something nice. How about a Let-It-Go Lemongrass Artisan soap to help wash away whatever you want to release from your energy!

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