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A Space for Millennials Making Self Care A Priority by way of Self Discovery, Personal Development, & Natural Health, Wellness, and Skin Care.

Organic Florida Gardening ( Zone 9b)

Organic Gardening – As you go deeper into the DeeHive, you will see that we “Do What We Can With What We’ve Got”. With the help of the Florida weather and my green thumb, we grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs in our raised garden beds while enjoying the beautiful view in the back garden. We compost our food scraps in order to reduce our carbon footprint and provide black gold soil for our plants.

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Dionne Campbell

Content Creator, Web Designer, & Health and Wellness Influencer

My goal is to help millennials live a more holistic lifestyle through nutritional recipes, spiritual/personal growth hacks, horticulture, natural alternatives, and more. I’m a Virgo, which would explain my affinity for health and wellness……..

Dionne Campbell

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