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A Space for Millennials Making Self Care A Priority by way of Self Discovery, Personal Development, & Natural Health, Wellness, and Skin Care.

Self Care - Natural Health & Wellness

Here you will find information about nourishing and preserving your health with Selfcare practices that you can use in a part of your daily lives. Along with practical ways you can apply the knowledge. All-natural body care information from external to internal.  Are you ready to take the road to a healthier lifestyle? If so, you are in the right spot. Learn how you can start to love the skin you’re in. I’ve turned my natural soapmaking hobby into a business at DeeHive Delights Artisan Soap & Self Care Shop

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Dionne Campbell

Content Creator, Web Designer, & Health and Wellness Influencer

My goal is to help millennials live a more holistic lifestyle through nutritional recipes, spiritual/personal growth hacks, horticulture, natural alternatives, and more. I’m a Virgo, which would explain my affinity for health and wellness……..

Dionne Campbell

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