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3 Blissful Reason to get Dirty in the Garden ( Grounding Benefits )

feet on grass grounding benefits
There are many grounding benefits of walking barefoot, way too many for me to list. So here, I’ll name a few reasons why you should kick rocks and go barefoot once in a while.
It’s no secret that for years, researchers have shown that people who live near trees, natural habitats, parks, and rural landscapes that have an abundance of negative ions have better physical and mental health. On the contrary, in polluted cities, schools, crowded environments, and confined areas such as cars, and call center workplaces, you will find the highest concentration of unhealthy positive ions.
I know this may sound a little contradicting based on the definition of the 2 polarities, but in regards to the human body, negative ions are more beneficial than positive ions in this case (although positive and negative are just perspectives either way). Mother Gaia’s (earth) surface contains a negative charge and is constantly generating electrons that could neutralize free radicals from our bodies, just like antioxidants do.

The negative ions you’ll pick up from outdoors are very beneficial, here are just a few of the

Grounding benefits:

 1. Reduce Inflammation in the body

It is assumed that the influx of free electrons absorbed into the body through direct contact with the Earth likely reduces acute and chronic inflammation. Throughout early human history, people used to walk barefoot and sleep on the ground. If not directly on the ground, their shoes and sleeping pads were made of animal skins. These animal skins allowed the negative ions from the earth to enter our bodies freely; in turn, stabilizing all the organs, cells. and tissue within the body. Now fast forward to today, where almost every shoe has a man-made material sole, separating us from the earth’s energy field. FUN FACT: Did you know that the electromagnetic field of the earth and the human heartbeat and very much alike? For those of you who like to do hard workouts, this information is also beneficial. Studies have shown that spending more time connecting with the earth significantly reduces the DOMS, the pain, and inflammation experienced after a hard a good old workout. I’ve noticed this myself especially after doing leg workouts.

5 awesome benefits of mindful meditation - grounding benefits


 2. Improved Sleep.

Studies have also shown that there can be a major improvement in the body’s circadian system. Our bodies are naturally attuned to the sun, so when it sets, our bodies will also start to wind down and relax to prepare for bed. But let’s get real, we live in an age where technology is in the palm of our hands 24/7. The blue light emitted from our phone screens doesn’t do us much justice by helping us wind down at night. With that being said, it’s best that we all find at least some time to practice some “earthing skills”. So for all you insomniacs that have trouble sleeping, try spending some time outdoors and experiment on how it can help you fall asleep better at night.


3. Calms your nervous system to help you connect with yourself.

5 awesome benefits of mindful meditation grounding benefits

Everyone has those moments when you get really heated and you just need to “woosaaaah” before you go off on somebody. When you feel like you wanna slap a ninja today, instead of letting someone bend you out of character, go take a walk. There’s a reason who the police always make one party leave the house when things get heated. Just getting out in the open air and taking a few deep breaths always seems to take things down a notch or two.


As a bonus, I’d also like to share with you one more thing to the list of grounding benefits. Gardening, going outside barefoot in the grass, and playing in the dirt can do wonders things for your mental health. I’m sure your Inner Child would appreciate bringing him or her out once in a while.

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sage and palo santo for grounding benefits
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If you feel like you have benefitted from this short read, or know someone who can benefit from the information, please share this using the social media links below to bring more awareness to this space. Sharing is caring and Growing is Knowing.

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