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Humans v.s A.I – Never Stop Learning

human v.s AI - never stop learning

Human v.s A.I – Never stop learning

So I was up late night one day working on a project of mine when I decided to take a break and pick up a few things I needed from Wal-Mart. Let me add that I can’t stand going there but ya’ll know it’s the best place to get some things for a good deal, especially when nothing else is open besides 7 – Just as long as you don’t mind dealing with the late-night “People of Wal-Mart”
So, as I’m approaching the checkout line with the 3 things on my list PLUS 8 other non-planned items, I see this looooong ass line of people and no cashier. That’s right, no cashier! Just a few self-checkouts open with one employee monitoring to make sure nobody is stealing stuff and to assist people that lack the technological skills to operate a self-checkout without taking 5 mins to locate the barcode and scan one item. To make matters worse, you could tell she had no customer service skills whatsoever by the way she was getting frustrated with the customers and their checkout 101 questions.
I’m sure you can imagine how pissed I was waiting in line for 15 mins. But the point of me mentioning this is just to bring attention to the fact that a self-checkout has taken the place of a few humans that were once NEEDED to be present for these tasks. Imagine, soon the entire checkout experience will be run by Artificial Intelligence. Look at the Wholefoods and Amazon partnership. Maybe we won’t even have to go food shopping for ourselves in the future.
So to all my cashiers and people with similar jobs, this is not a scare tactic, just a wake-up call to be aware of the new world ahead of us. Things never stay the same, everything is always in motion…EVERYTHING! A wake-up call to tell you that the skills of today are not going to be as necessary for the future and that learning new skills is inevitable for you to stay relevant.
Watch the video above to learn what you can do so you don’t get left off of Bad and Bougie! Below are the links to the resources you can use to get those valuable skills of the future for little to no cost! I’m always trying to add to my arsenal of skills, check out this video of me at DevNexus – A Developers Conference.

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